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Based in the Premier Cru village of Villers Allerand, conveniently located right in between Reims and Epernay in Montagne de Reims, Champagne Stroebel maybe one of the handful of RM Champagne (Grower Champagne) makers in the village. Unlike most of his neighbours who sell grapes to big houses, his Champagnes are putting Villers Allerand for the first time on the map of many Champagne lovers.

Timothée Stroebel works with only 3.5 ha of biodynamic farmed vineyard (certified organic in 2014) from which he makes 12,000 bottles of wines each year. The vineayard covers 2 ha of Pinot Meunier, 1 ha Pinot Noir, and 0.5 ha Chardonnay. Most of the vines are over 40 years old.

Triptyque: Une Terre, des Hommes, une Ame… All of his Champagnes are bottled as Brut Nature, and “Triptyque” is the signature cuvée of the house. The 2018 disgorgement of “Triptque” is a blend of 3 vintages, 3 grapes, and 3 soils. Same as Champagne Corbon, only the cuvée part of the press (first 2,050 litres of grape juice from 4,000 kg of grapes) is used and fermentation is by natural yeast.

Champagne Stroebel is one of the best address for Brut Nature in Champagne and be ready to be surprise by the ripeness, precision, and elegance of Timothée Stroebel’s wines! This is a wine which we always go back to and crack another bottle open.
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  • NV Brut Nature, Trityque, Champagne Stroebel
    NV Brut Nature, Trityque, Champagne Stroebel
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