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Vexebo Vin was established by Daniel Milan in 2007 with just 1 hectare of wines, they are the absolute pioneer of uncompromising production of organic and natural wine in this cold climate country, which has the same latitude as Edinburgh in Scotland!

Because of the small production volume (less than 5,000 bottles), most of the production of Vexebo Vin are consumed in Denmark, mostly in Nordic top restaurants: Noma, Geranium, Ralae, Kadeau... Japan is the other country which has an allocation of Daniel's wines, and therefore, we are very thrilled to be able to share this wine with you.

Because of global warming, cold climate wines are gathering more and more interests, and with the increasing reputation of Nordic kitchens, it is only a matter of time before these wines go cult!
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  • 2017 Solaris Orange, Vexebo Vin
    2017 Solaris Orange, Vexebo Vin
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