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Cuna in Tuscany is the own winery of Federico Staderini - the legendary oenologist and winemaker behind Ornellaia, Poggio di Sotto and Castell'in Villa. 

How did the original Pinot Noir taste like in Burgundy, and how did Etruscan wine taste like before Roman times? Catch a glimpse by tasting Cuna's two wines, made from the original strain of Pinot Noir and the ancient Etruscan grape Abrostine respectively!

Pinot Fin - Finest of the Fine
Pinot Fin is an ancient clone of Pinot Noir, the original strain documented in 1375 from which (Pinot) Noir descended from. Even in Burgundy, only a handful of producers still cultivate Pinot Fin, the most notable one being Domaine Arnoux-Lachaux at Vosnee Romanee. Pinot Fin is very difficult to cultivate because they are prone to millerandage but gives intense wines with great finesse.

Abrostine - Rarest of the Rare
Abrostine is one of the rarest native grapes in Italy. It has ancient Etruscan origins and is related with ancient wild grapevines. Abrostine is also a rare teinturier grape (red grapes with red coloured skin and flesh). 

Federico Staderini first developed an interest in Abrostine thanks to his association with Roberto Bandinelli, today Italy's greatest ampelographer. At that time, Abrostine was close to extinction and no clones nor wine was avaliable. Federico chose a massal selection from the San Felice estate in Castelnuovo Berardenga and bottled the first monovarietal Abrostine in 2006.

According to Ian d'Agata, this is a wine which is rich and creamy, with vanilla, black pepper, juniper, dried prune and dark cherry aromas and flavours complicated by hints of underbrush and tobacco. On the palate, it is blessed with lovely acidity and decently smooth tannin.

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