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Collection: Domaine Moreau Naudet, Chablis

The Moreau family has winemaking history that went back as far as the 17th century. The domaine name "Moreau Naudet" came into existence in 1950, following the marriage of Marie Naudet and Rene Moreau. Their grandson Stephane took over the domaine in 1991 and gradually put it on the map of white burgundy lovers.

Together with the likes of Alice & Olivier de Moor and Pattes Loup, the wines of Moreau Naudet have captured the global fascination by making stylish Chablis which drinks like the best wines from the Cote d'Or.

Unsurprisingly, Stephane's inspirations had been the likes of Didier Dagueneau and Vincent Dauvissat (In fact, the Dauvissats are a big fan of the wines of Moreau Naudet). The work in the vines is without the use of herbicides nor pesticides. All grapes are harvested by hand, and the domaine works with natural yeast and very little sulfites addition.

Unfortunately, Stephane died in his sleep at just 47 years old in 2016. Today it is his wife Virginie and her team that are taking the domaine forward. The domaine does not send out samples for journalist tastings, therefore little can be found on the internet about this domaine. Their productions however are sold out year in and year out, going to over 50 Michelin Starred restaurants. In fact, you can find their wines on Noma's winelist.

When compared with the wines from de Moor and Pattes Loup, we found Moreau Naudet to be cleaner and more linear. Do not miss these polished and energetic Chardonnay with high tension and substance!

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