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2017 Rosso... Se, IGT
2017 Rosso... Se, IGT

2017 Rosso... Se, IGT

Selvadolce, Liguria
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Biodynamic, harvested by hand, aged on lees. Made by the local red grape Rossese di Dolceacqua, a red grape with violet colour, slightly tannin, and elegant fragrant. A rather powerful wine on the palate, lots of berry fruits, fresh acidity, and a long finish.

Grape: Rossese di Dolceacqua

Red wine pair with seafood?
This is what local Liguria (Nothern Italy) do! They enjoy their Rosso with seafood, in particular with fish soup, and tomato-based seafood. It is said that after tasting this grape in Liguria, Nepoleon searched for this wine in every restaurants in Paris.
We have imported the Rosso from Tenuta Selvadolce, to try out this red wine and fish pairing. We pair it with lightly-spiced prawn and are happy with the result! Do the experiment and let us know your thoughts. Please read on for more wines from Tenuta Selvadolce avaiable in late-2018.