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2008 Cypres de Climens (with gift box)
2008 Cypres de Climens (with gift box)

2008 Cypres de Climens (with gift box)

Barsac, Bordeaux
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Grape: Semillon

A second wine? Instead of "second", we rather consider it as an ambitious younger sister of Climens. Nothing is second, Cypres de Climens is just DIFFERENT and has even a bigger mission: to let those who do not drink sweet wine fall in love with it.

The style: Cypres de Climens is floral, fresh and light. Perfect if you think top sweet wine or TBA too sweet. Thanks to the eco-friendly practice of the chateau, the freshness of the grape is preserved, and we are allowed to see the very natural face of the grapes.

Package: Again, the package is impressive, and tells a lot about the wine - its style and identity. All the plants and flowers printed on the box are the aroma that you can find in the wine. The box itself is a tasting note! Berenice Lurton, the young and elegant lady owner of Climens, designs this package and gives in many feminine elements into all aspects of her wines.