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NV Zero Dosage, L'expression Nature

NV Zero Dosage, L'expression Nature

Champagne Jean Vesselle, Bouzy
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L'expression Nature is a gastronomic Champagne which is great as an aperitif, or to pair with delicate and sophisticated dishes, especially those high with unami flavours. This cuvee has been on lees for 2 years.

Grape: 80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay
Dosage: 0 g/l

The Story: Back in March 2019, we did a "Dosage Playground" tasting of Jean Vesselle Champagne with 5 different dosage level of their cuvées, from 0 g/l to 35 g/l. Everyone has to vote for their favourite dosage level. The most voted one is the zero dosage one, which is not for sale at that moment. It is just bottled as a sample for educational purpose.

Delphine Vesselle has never make Champagne without dosage before, as this is not an European trend. However, after discussing this idea with her Japanese distributor who is also interested in such cuvée, Delphine agrees to create the zero dosage champagne! She names the cuvée L'expression Nature.