Liquoristerie de Provence, Fleur de Lavande

Liquoristerie de Provence, Fleur de Lavande

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Where does the Lavande come from? Aix-en-Provence region

How the liqueur is made? Plants undergo alcohol maceration, not added flavours nor colour. Each plant is dried and infused separately in a superfine alcohol, before gentle pressing. This helps to draw out the inherent essence of the plants.

Serving Suggestion:

1) Princese de Provence, the local Provance mix: add 20ml of liqueur into 120ml of sparkling wine

2) Mix with salad with a dash of salt

3) Enjoy it with ice-cream

4) Mix with soda water for a touch of purple and endless bubbles

About Liquoristerie de Provence: Awarded "Living Heritage Business" by the French government, the "Liquoristerie de Provence" is a boutique distillery upholding the ancient art of  liqueur making, known as "mestres" (Provençal masters) in the past.