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2021 Crescendo Bianco, IGT

2021 Crescendo Bianco, IGT

Selvadolce, Liguria
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Oxford Companion to Wine states that "DNA profiling showed that Pigato and Vermentino, both long-established in Liguria, and Favorita, cultivated in Piemonte, are all identical." However, local people in the Liguria region has long been farming separately the two varieties, the splotchy pigmentation on the skins of Pigato being the main differences between the two grapes. For our palate, the two grapes cannot taste more different, Pigato being riper and creamer while Vermentino more aromatic, higher in acidity and slightly astringent.

It is indeed quite rare to find a producer who bottles separately Vermentino and Pigato but Selvadolce is one of them. It is very interesting to taste Rebosso and Crescendo side by side as Aris used the same winemaking process for both wine!

Grape: Pigato
Winemaking: White, no skin contact, ageing on lees for 7 months
Production: 4,620 bottles