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2017 Pet en L'air, Vignoble Klur, Katzenthal, Alsace

2017 Pet en L'air, Vignoble Klur, Katzenthal, Alsace

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A refreshing and elegant Pet-Nat sparkling with delicate aroma from Muscat and Riesling (the two noble grapes). With apricot and yellow flowers on the nose, it is round and full on the palate with subtle bubbles. Thanks to the Muscat, it is more aromatic then the standard Cuvee Meow, and the Riesling provides acidity and structure. The Pet-Nat method let the rustic quality shown. Clement Klur recommends this sparkling from breakfast to night time!  

Grape: Riesling, Muscat
Style: Biodynamic, natural sparkling made by the Pet-Nat method, unfiltered

What is Pét-Nat?
Pét-Nat is the nickname of Pétillant Naturel, a sparkling wine made by the méthode ancestral (ancient method). The wine is bottled prior to its first fermentation, allowing carbon dioxide to be produced by the natural sugars in the grapes. This production method is contrary to the méthode champenoise (champagne method), in which the base wine is fully fermented, then undergoes a secondary fermentation in bottle with the addition of yeast and sugar. Unlike Champagne, Pét-Nat is not disgorged, and may or may not be filtered.
Pét-Nat is usually low in alcohol. It has a light and fizzy mouthfeel. The wine looks cloudy, becase of the lees remained and lack of filtration. Pét-Nat production is extremely variable and can be hard to control and therefore requires a level of expertise on the winemaker. The result is a raw, rustic, and lively wine, extremely reflective of its terroir.