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2017 Dodecapolis, Salento Primitivo IGT

2017 Dodecapolis, Salento Primitivo IGT

Luca Attanasio, Pulgia
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The Etruscans and Messapians were the first to develop viticulture in Italy, and Dodecapolis pay homage to the 12 autonomous city-states* of the Messapian civilization. Aged without oak, Dodecapolis is an intense but fresh wine. The nose is characterized by intense and complex aromas of ripe and plum berries. In the mouth it is rich, warm, deep, with enveloping fruity aromas of great structure. Good tannin and balanced freshness with a great final persistence.

Grape: Primitivo
Vine age: 50 years

*Dodecapolis: "Dodeca" means "12", "polis" means "city". Etruscan culture can be dated back to Pre-Roman Era, and is heavily influenced by the Greeks.