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2014 Barolo Unio

2014 Barolo Unio

Brovia, Piedmont
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Brovia normally makes 5 different Barolo each years: 4 single crus:  Rocche di Castiglione, Villero, Garblèt Sué, Brea vigna Ca'Mia, and a Barolo "Brovia", a blend of the younger vines of these four vineyards.

In 2014, Brovia only made one Barolo: Barolo "Unio". Because of challenging growing conditions, qualities within the vineyards were very uneven (because of hails and some small disease problems in the vineyards). In order to maintain the tradition of producing the best Barolo, Brovia sold half of their grapes in bulk, and blended the best grapes from the best sites to make "Unio" (Unity is strength).

2014 Barolo Unio is the first such release from the winery, and clearly one of the best 2014 Barolo in the market. It is also a throwback to the old days (before 1970s) in which all of the best Barolos are inevitably blends of different crus.  Unio underwent the traditionist way of 3 weeks skin maceration, and it was bottled in 2018.