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2013 Fass 13 "Saarfeilser", Grosses Gewachs (GG / Grand Cru)
2013 Fass 13 "Saarfeilser", Grosses Gewachs (GG / Grand Cru)

2013 Fass 13 "Saarfeilser", Grosses Gewachs (GG / Grand Cru)

Weingut Peter Lauer, Saar
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The most interesting vineyard: Saarfeilser
Saarfeilser is a small vineyard at the joint of two rivers. It was government land around 30 years ago. Knowing this land has great potential in making wines, Mr Peter Lauer purchased half of the land from the government (left side of the photo) and named it "Saarfeilser".

What's the style of Saarfeilser?
Saarfeilser was ocean million years ago that fossils of sea creatures can be found in the vineyard. Since it is located near a river now, the temperature is mild: warm in winter, cold summer. It produces wine that is different from other vineyards such as Schonfels that has extreme weather. The Saarfeilser style is full and around, with ripe fruits and great body structure.

What happens to the government land?
The government land (right side of the photo) is still abandoned now. Time to support Saarfeilser, place your order now and soon Florian will buy this half!

Grape: Riesling
Vine age: 58 years old
Production: 2,000 bottles