Our Story

Welcome to the online retail shop of DECO Wines, operated by DECO Wines Limited.

DECO online experience: we build this website with an aim and wish to provide a smooth and informative online experience, and an easier way to access to our wines. We hope that everyone can browse our portfolio anytime anywhere, no matter you are new to use, or are old friends of us.

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Who we are?

DECO - Asia's leading boutique wine importer

Started in 2012, DECO brings you the best boutique wines to your glass.

DECO respects innovation, honours tradition, and values sustainability. We work personally with growers and wineries mainly from Europe. Today, we are representing more than 20 internationally-renowned growers and wineries from Champagne (France), Piedmont (Italy), Mosel (Germany), and more.

The excellent provenance of our wines and our close relationship with our partner wineries make us stand out as a wine importer. Explore our DECO's selection and special bottling, rarely exported wines, ancient local grapes, natural wines, micro-cuvees, gastronomic, or even astronomic wines...

We hopes to open your door to boutique and unique wines, and unlock a new experience of wine, food and lifestyle!