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"This small traditional Saar wine producer in Ayl bottles some of the finest, most classic Rieslings in Germany: pure, precise, piquant, racy, mineral, and chiseled, but also ripe, concentrated, compact, and complex." - Stephan Reinhart, The Finest Wines of Germany

Weingut Peter Lauer, admitted VDP in 2012, is run by Florian Lauer. In contrary to other great producers in Saar, the focus of Florian is on dry and slightly off-dry Rieslings. Thanks to the varied geographical elements, such as steep sites, rocky slate soils, and cooler growing conditions, the wines are transparent, low in alcohol and sweet; they are also high in weight, minerals, acidity and complexity. As Florian puts it himself, these are “Riesling for advanced learners”. The Sekt Riesling Reserve is aged in lees for around 20 years before release.

What is VDP?
The VDP association is the most influential and prestigious wine grower association in Germany.
Currently, the VDP has only 197 members, which represent less than 4% of the total wine production in Germany.
Regulations set by the VDP members on site selection, yields, and must weights are much higher than those required by the German wine Law.

What is GG (Grosses Gewächs)?
Grosses Gewächs: the German classification system similar to "Grand Cru" in France

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