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Radikon is a 12 hectare estate in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Oslavia, on the Slovenian border of Italy, started by Stanko Radikon in 1995. Known as the “Godfather of Orange Wine”, Stanko makes unique wines, from the bottle to the production method to the taste. Together with his neighbour Josko Gravner, they bring orange wine to the international scene. Radikon’s wines are alternatively perceived as weird or wonderful. It took years for the wines to find a stable audience, and their premier market developed in Japan.

The winery grows grapes such as Ribolla Gialla, Friulano, Pignoli, Merlot and Pinot Grigio. Surprisingly, Merlot, which is often considered an “international” or “French” grape, is indeed native of Friuli-Venezia Giulia since 1869. It is introduced to the area by Count Teodoro de La Tour in 1869, and soon becomes the most popular “traditional” grape.

Winemaking: Radikon predates winemaking in the area before World War One (before 1914). The wines are fermented in large old barrels, with extended skin maceration, and no temperature control. They are then under extended maturation for one year before release. The wines have no additives such as commercial yeast or enzymes, and very tiny or no sulfites.

Radikon nowadays: Stanko passed away in 2016, his son Sasa took up the winery’s since then. The Orange Spirit goes on! Sasa has introduced the range of “entry” level orange wines with shorter period of skin maceration, making orange wines more approachable to the public.

Radikon酒莊處於意大利與斯洛文尼亞的交界,由Stanko Radikon1995年成立,位於Friuli-Venezia Giulia產區,佔地12公頃。地處邊城,釀造風格也受斯洛文尼亞影響,Radikon的酒品風格獨特,由瓶子容量到釀造法以致口味,皆有其濃烈個性。Stanko Radikon被喻為橙酒教父,他與鄰居好友Josko Gravner一同把橙酒帶向國際。飲者對Radikon的酒品反應各異,有人覺得偏鋒,有人非常欣賞,經過多年經營酒莊終於在國際舞台佔一席位,當中最受日本飲家追捧。

酒莊種植的葡萄包括Ribolla Gialla, Friulano, Pignoli, MerlotPinot Grigio。出人意表的是,常常被視為國際或法國葡萄的Merlot,自1869年已在Friuli-Venezia Giulia產區落地生根。當年,法國貴族Count Teodoro de La TourMerlot帶到當地,如葡萄已成為當地人喜愛的傳統葡萄。

釀造方法:Stanko Radikon復興第一次世界大戰前(1914年)的釀造法。酒體在大型老木桶裡陳釀,長時間接觸葡萄皮,不經溫度調控。然後,酒體會陳年一年才推出市面。釀造過程不加商用酵母或酵素,部分有加亞硫酸鹽的酒款,含量也是最底。


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