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Christophe Lindenlaub, Dorlisheim, Alsace
Alsace's Secret Enso Garden

The Lindenlaub family have been running their vineyards since the 18th century. Christophe Lindenlaub started organic farming in 2009 and the wines were Ecocert certified in 2012. Christophe started to make natural wine from the 2012 vintage, and he is now one of the key producers in the natural wine movement.

Unlike conventional Alsace wines, Christophe's wines are always bone dry (to avoid re-fermentation in bottle, all the wines are free of sulphites), and perhaps only in the cooler vineyards of the northern Alsace region (Bas-Rhin) can one find such balanced and elegant natural wines.

What is Enso?
Enso is an ink brush in circle, a symbol often found in Zen Buddhism in Japan. It symbolizes unity, fullness and infinity. There is an Enso on every bottles, becahse Christophe believe that by going back to the terroir and nature, we can fully connect with the wine. He also believe the energy exchange between the drinker and the particular bottle. As he says on the back label, "this bottle belongs to you".

Welcome to the Zen garden of Alsace.

NV Avant l'heure, Vin de France, Pinot Gris, Pet Nat

Name: Avant l'heure / before the hour

Price: $220

Grape: Pinot Gris




2017 Muscat Je suis au Jardin, Alsace Muscat AOC

Name: Je suis au Jardin / I am down in the garden

Price: $220

Grape: Muscat




2016 A Griffes Acerees, Alsace Riesling AOC

Name: a Griffes Acerees / sharp claws

Price: $230

Grape: Riesling




2016 Iris de Montbenault, Alsace Gewurztraminer AOC

Name: Iris de Montbenault / Iris of Montbenault

Price: $320 (50ml)

Grape: Gewurztraminer