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The Next Colour: Orange
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Orange wine is the fourth colour of wine besides Red, White, and Rosé. It has thousand years of history, dating back to ancient wine producing techniques of Georgia.

In winemaking, a white wine is made from pressed grape juice without contact with the grape's skins, while red wines are made with extended skin contacts. An orange wine is made from white wine grapes with skin contacts. As a result of this process, when compared with white wines, it has less fruits but more tannins and structure (some winewriter describle them as "white Barolo"). Please serve these wines at 10-12 degrees.



2009 Pigato "Rucantu", Riviera Ligure di Ponente DOC, Tenuta Selvadolce, Liguria, Italy

Price: $360 (sold out)

Grape: Rucantu
Production: 7,500 bottles



2012 Ansonica Bucce, Toscana Bianco IGT, Poggio Argeniera, Tuscany

Price: $120 (clearance)

Grape: Ansonica






2016 Solaris Orange, Vexebo Vin, Denmark

Price: $480

Grape: Solaris