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When Science meets Nature

SuperGrape is relatively a new idea in the history of wine. Since the 20th century, by crossing of a few “traditional” grape varieties, viticulturalists have been working on “superior” grape variety with more aroma and greater resistance to frost damage and chlorosis.

Crossing of course happens in natural world, and the result might not also be positive. What viticulturalists do is trying to bring out the essence of each crossing grapes. So in DECO, we like to call these grape varieties SuperGrape because they represent only the best of their parents.

Taste SuperGrape and savour the Spirit of Science, and Love of Nature!



2012 Scheurebe "Chara", Weingut Alexander Laible, Baden, Germany

Price: $150 (clearance)

About the SuperGrape: Scheurebe
Mother: unknown wild vine
Father: Riesling
Year of breeding: 1916
Colour: White



2016 Johanniter, Vexebo Vin, Denmark

Price: $460

About the SuperGrape: Johanniter
Mother: Riesling
Father: (Seyve-Villard 12-481) x (Pino Gris x Gutedel)
Year of breeding: 1968
Colour: White



2016 Solaris, Vexebo Vin, Denmark

Price: $460

About the SuperGrape: Solaris
Mother: Merzling (Riesling x Pinot Gris)
Father: Zarya Severa x Muscat Ottonel
Year of breeding: 1975
Colour: White



2009 Koenigsegg Premium, Zweigelt Reserve, Schloss Halbturn, Austria

Price: $290

About the SuperGrape: Zweigelt
Parents: St. Laurent & Blaufrankisch
Year of breeding: 1922
Colour: Red